In the rush of life, chasing goals and fulfilling responsibilities, haven’t we been used to kill our childhood dream? And the most common plea we offer is our increasing age. Here is an old couple who is shattering every stereotype like a boss. People think retirement means taking a rest from life. But this couple believes, this is when one should begin hunting one’s dream.

The couple was fond of learning new languages. And after retiring from his job as an electrical engineer, this 75 YO man along with his wife has joined a language institute in Mumbai and has finished learning Arabic. Though the oldest, they’re the ‘most happening couple’ of their class.

Here is the whole story shared by Humans Of Bombay

I’m 75 and enjoying my retired life. I’ve led a happy and busy life — for many years I was an electronic engineer at the Tata Institute, after which I started my own business. I had a great family life — we’re two real brothers, married to two real sisters…so our families are very close-knit. One of my sons is in the UK, so we often travel to visit him.

My wife and I are constantly on the move. I love to read and I recently pursued photography because I’d been passionate about it since childhood. A few months ago, my wife and I thought it would be fun to learn a new language — so we signed up for Arabic lessons online and enjoyed it so much that we enrolled ourselves in a language institute in Bombay! So a few times a week, we pack our tiffins and go off to college together! On the first day, all the other students thought I was the professor because I’m the oldest person there — but now we’re all great friends.


We’re 50 of us studying together and my wife and I are the ‘happening couple’ of our batch…we actually feel like college students!
So that’s about it, it’s a simple and sweet life. The only advice I can give you is the key to grow old well, is to keep learning and stimulating your mind. My wife and I have managed to keep our minds young — we’re constantly trying new things and experiencing different things for the first time — it’s exciting! The more you can keep feeling that excitement towards life, the younger and happier you’ll remain.”

Growing older doesn’t make you inefficient. Keep your soul warm, love young and spirit high. Dreams would never die till you are alive. Make them the reasons of life.

So, what’s your excuse?

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