As “proud” Indians we are very much aware of the fact that child marriage and acid attacks have always been the darker side of our society. Even though the Supreme Court has banned the open sale of acid all over the country,illegal sale of the liquid continues. India has the highest incidence of acid attacks in the world, with the number of such cases rising from 83 to 349 between 2011 and 2015.

Almost every day or the other we come across stories of forced child labor and acid attacks. Undoubtedly, victims of these practices suffer a lot and we can not even imagine the sufferings of these people sitting cozily in front of our computer screens. But, today we bring you a story of a girl (published by Humans of Bombay) who is not only a victim of the child marriage but also an acid attack survivor.

It fills us with great shame and empathy to share the story of Mabia, a Mumbai based woman who was forcefully married off at the age of 15 and then was a victim of an acid attack at the hands of her own husband.

Image Source-Humans of Bombay

Here is the full story published by Humans of Bombay

“I was married when I was 15 years old. My husband used to be a construction worker but he barely went to work – all I ever saw him doing was indulging in alcohol, going around the city with his friends and living off of my father’s income. I would do odd jobs to make money, but when my daughter Anisha was born, I knew that I would have to do a lot more to support her and her education.
I thought he would change after she entered our lives, but he didn’t. He was never even around— he barely even looked at her. Mothering a newborn at such a young age, while your husband drank and disappeared was exhausting —I still didn’t say a word.

But then he did something that destroyed every bit of emotion I felt for him. The monster kidnapped my daughter when she was just 20 months old… his own daughter, just so that he could blackmail my parents to get more money for alcohol. For 2 days, I didn’t even know if my daughter was alive. I lodged a police complaint and they managed to find them both. When I saw Anisha, she was burning with fever and had ulcers because he hadn’t given her any food — it was then that I knew, I had to create a life for both of us without him and I left.
I moved into my parents house for 2 years before I decided to move back to Nerul to start my life again, but his friends went and told him I’d returned.

People in my colony told me that they’d seen him looking for me. I was so that I trapped myself in the house for 2 months — but one unfortunate morning, the door to my house was left open because my nana had stepped down to buy something. My husband barged in and poured acid on my face. I remembered being in excruciating pain — I just wanted to die. I was unconscious soon after and when I woke up I didn’t recognise the woman I saw. I had scars all over and had lost my vision. I couldn’t speak for 2 years because my lips were destroyed — he literally took away my voice. It’s been 8 years since then and my father has sold everything he knows paying for 24 of my surgeries. The worst part? that criminal is still on the lose.

I haven’t seen my daughter and father since, but I am hopeful of getting my vision back. My daughter says she wants to be both a doctor and a police officer and I want to join her in that dream — I want to be a cop myself. I want to get my vision back, I want to work, I want to forget…and I just want to live.”

Mabiya goes into her eye surgery on the 8th of August, and had no funds but a lot of folks came forward for the help.

According to the latest post by Humans Of Bombay people have generously crowdfunded the amount needed for her surgery , 16 lakhs in just 2 hours.

We at “The Indian Feed” pray for her successful surgery and wish Mabiya is able to see again.

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