If something that contributes to slow falling rate of deaths in this country is the technological advancements, especially mobile phones. As per the data released by the transport ministry till 7th September, 2017, as recorded by the Indian Times, using of cell phones during driving have accounted 2138 live in India last year.


Shiva as claimed by the police tried playing lock and key with death as he was being hit by an oncoming speeding train while recording the video of the same, standing on the railways tracks, pointing finger at the train. Shiva from Warangal was probably capturing the moment as how a speedy train gushes into a human body. As the train approached him, the video ended with a bang on his head while the phone sprang upon the ground.

The incident took place on Sunday near the Bharat Nagar railway station on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The video not only shot the speed of the train but also the speed in which Shiva’s brain ran, as his friend asked him side away while he was found saying ‘one minute’ in response to it. The closer the train came, the grin on his face began widening up. He was taken to the hospital and was declared out of danger and stable soon.

Was that video a suicide note seems a mystery to many of the curators as the video surfaced this Wednesday and soon crashed the social media platforms. Was it is courageous stunt or his playful immaturity which he tried to portray? Possibly, in the era of thrill and fun, people have lost their consciences and are unable to differentiate between right and wrong. What scares the most it that the craze for coming advancements in the technological strata have reached beyond limitations. It seems that we will be crashing in the same pace as did the Shiva.


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