Recently, we had reported about the organ donation of a 14-month-old kid from Gujrat where two lives were saved with the noble act by the departed kid’s parents.Similarly, after the untimely death of a 45-year-old Hyderabad man in Texas his organs have been donated by his family, which resulted in saving of 5 lives.

Rajiv, a software engineer from Hyderabad, who was living in Texas suddenly collapsed at his house in Texas due to a brain aneurysm. Still to overcome with his untimely demise, his wife took chose the noblest way of keeping his memories alive, she donated all his organs.

The noble act saved 5 lives. A 41-year-old received his heart, a 21-year-old received his lung, a 41-year-old received his liver, a 53-year-old woman got one of his kidneys, and the other kidney went to a 64-year-old man. All in Texas.

organ donation

Anisha Rajesh, who manages an organization called Upasana Kalakendra, said in an Fb post that Rajiv Putam, father of one of her dance students, Keertana Putam, had passed away. She wrote about his untimely demise, “We have had a close relationship with Keerthana’s family from the beginning years of Upasana Kalakendra. Rajiv and Bhagya (Keertana’s Mom) have always offered a helping hand at all our functions and events. Rajiv and Bhagya were part of Upasana family for the past 6 years,” she wrote.

On 9th September, Rajiv collapsed at his house in Texas after he dropped Keerthana to her dance class.“I salute and admire Bhagya’s decision, even in this time of a huge personal loss, to donate all of Rajiv’s organs,” Anisha wrote further.


“Rajiv being the only earning member, the family will require our support to recover from this tragedy,” she said and urged people to donate for the family.Rajiv was the only breadwinner of his family and is survived by his wife and two children.A fund-raiser has been set up to support his family.Started with a goal of $200,000 as of now $85,000 has been raised in four days.

“Rajiv did not die in vain. His legacy will live on through those he has saved and through your wonderful family,” read an update from the hospital. If you want to support Rajiv’s family, you can donate here.

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