Looking at the shocking cases of apathy every day from every portion of India we are sure that end of humanity is near. In yet another heart-wrenching incident, a mother along with her family was forced to stay on the streets for the whole night facing the thunderstorms and rain, along with her son’s dead body after the house owner refused to allow the family to take the dead body inside the home.

The shameful incident occurred in the Venkateshwar Nagar area of Kukatpally in cyber city Hyderabad.When the woman tried to take the mortuary freezer box carrying the dead body of his 10 year old son inside the home the owner told him that it would be inauspicious for his family since her daughter’s marriage was performed in the same house in the same year.

As per a Times Of India report the woman tenant Eswaramma’s son had died of dengue at Niloufer Hospital just hours before on Wednesday evening.While Eswaramma rents a room in the house, the rest of it is occupied by Gupta and his relatives, who also said they didn’t want to risk being infected.

The owner refused to allow to take my son’s body inside the house saying it is not even one year since he had performed his daughter’s marriage in the house. He asked me to take it (body) anywhere else but not in his house,” the woman told reporters.

Shocked at seeing the condition of the mother, neighbors arranged tarpaulin covers and a body box for the dengue victim. They also came forward for arranging some money to help the family perform the last rites of the boy on Thursday.

“As he (house owner) did not allow the body to be taken inside the house, the box was kept outside on the road in the rains last night,” a local told PTI. The house owner finally allowed the box to be kept in the house premises after they informed the police.
But since the rented portion was too small the body couldn’t be taken inside the room.

Jagadgirigutta Police Station Inspector P Srinivas said to PTI “No complaint was lodged and hence no case has been registered”.

We wonder what was so auspicious in not allowing a grieving mother to keep her 10-year-old son’s dead body in her own home.The action of the house owner and his relatives is shameful to the core and makes us wonder since when we lost compassion and empathy for our fellow humans.

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