Nearly a week back, the brutal rape and murder of a six-year-old girl was reported from Hyderabad. While thousand of cops have launched a massive manhunt, the accused is still at large.
The accused Pallakonda Raju who was a neighbor of the girl went missing since the night the minor girl went missing. In the disturbing details that have emerged, the cops have said that Raju allegedly kidnapped the girl on Thursday, took her to his room, and killed her after sexually violating her.  The minor girl had gone missing on September 9 from her home in Saidabad, and hours later, her semi-naked body having bite marks, wrapped in a bedsheet was recovered from her neighbor Raju’s house.


Police have identified the suspect as Pallakonda Raju, aged around 30 old and 5 feet 9 inches in height. In a CCTV Footage, the cops found him walking into a liquor store where he was wearing a cap and red scarf around his neck at that time.  The Hyderabad police Tuesday announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh for any information leading to the arrest of the accused.

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According to the cops, Raju who is an alcoholic maintains long hair that he keeps tied with a rubber band, and has tattoos on both hands with the name ‘Mounika’. Since the accused doesn’t carry a mobile phone, even though thousands of policemen across the state are on a manhunt they have not succeeded.

Now the cops are dependent on human inputs and have released the pics on social media and put up posters on buses and autos. Police have sought any information to be passed on to phone numbers 94906 16366 or 94906 16627. A photograph with details has been shared across police stations in the state. Surveillance has been stepped up at liquor stores, pavements, and bus stands as the cops are expecting the accused to be present at these places. Meanwhile, demand for an encounter of the accused has been raised by many politicians and netizens.

While we as a society are failing repeatedly to provide a safer space for our women, we hope the accused is caught and faces the harshest punishment under law to instill a feeling of fear in such criminals with disturbing mindsets.


The accused has been found dead on the railway tracks in Warangal amid a massive manhunt by the police and calls for an encounter. While the cops have confirmed the identity of the accused on the basis of identification marks, DNA reports are further awaited


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