Stories of women being harassed over phone and messaging apps are not new to us. In one such case that happened in Hyderabad, Pravalika had called 23 YO Sai Kumar, a carpenter from her friend Pulleri Divya’s phone. After that, Sai began harassing Divya over calls and WhatsApp messages.

We’ve heard of women who’ve either given up to such incidences or have sought help from law. But this Dabangg girl (we’re neither praising her nor supporting her act) kidnapped Sai. She called him to Secunderabad with her trap ready and when he reached, her assistants- 2 car drivers, a security guard and a diesel mechanic attacked him.

Sai was made to sit on one of the three motor cycles, taken to two different places and thrashed with sticks on Thursday. On Friday, Sai filed a case with Gopalapuram police and on Friday the 24 YO Project Management Officer at Wipro, Divya was under arrest along with rest four of her associates charged of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping and attempt to murder.

K. Srinivasa Rao, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Gopalapuram Division appeals to the public in this context and says, “Don’t take law in your hands as this will make you an accused”. Even, a ‘she’ team of police is always ready to help the women in distress.

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