In a world where recognizing a doorman standing at the entrance of a posh restaurant or wishing a ‘good morning’ to the newspaper hawkers are considered uncool, there are people left who prove that caring back for people who care for you and serve you can never go out of fashion.

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Aarti Madhusudan from Chennai is one such woman. She has shared her encounter with an Ola driver on Facebook and netizens are absolutely loving it! She was on a trip to Tirupathi with her parents and the Ola outstation driver assigned to her was Elumalai who was struggling with his own issues. And the lady, realizing that he’s a human too irrespective of being a stranger, decided to help him with what she could and that turned out to be heartwarming.

Here’s her FB post

“Treating people as equal because they are. So my road trip to Chidambaram with my parents had us driving with Elumalai in an Ola outstation. Soft-spoken and reserved at first but with me in the front seat, he had little choice but to respond to my zillion questions about his life and his village and children and so much more :-). He had driven that very morning from Tirupati and never refused any ride because of the loans he needed to pay off. We had booked our stay at the hotel in the town. I wondered if Ola made provisions at all for their drivers and realized that they did not.

Mostly they slept in the cars. So I decided that after a long 6-hour drive, no one needed the rest as much as Elumalai did and booked him another room in that same hotel. We reached at 6 PM, went to the temple briefly and slept in early. With tall promises to ourselves that we would wake up at 5 30 AM the next day, also told him the same. But of course better sense prevailed so we all decided to sleep in. The next morning I checked if his room was comfortable if there was hot water, the fan worked and invited him to have breakfast with us.

He shared emotionally that he had not had a good night’s rest in weeks thanks to the rides that he had accepted. This was the first good night’s sleep. He was in tears and me in more…life is really hard for many. We take ours for granted. To be able to be sensitive, kind…it’s a wonderful opportunity. I am grateful for the same and also that the hotel staff took a lot of care in ensuring that Elumalai was treated like any other customer of theirs. Because he was no different :-)”

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In a world where we don’t care to communicate with our househelp who works everyday to make our homes worth living just because we pay her some bucks for the same, Aarti went too far to help someone she had come to know only hours before.

Money or social status may make you look big. But it’s kindness, humility and polite gesture that make you feel great at your heart. Kudos to Aarti for having set the right example!

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