Its a mixture of emotions inclusive of disgust, sadness, anger and what not. How are we supposed to deal with the betterment if our officers themselves want to go down the ground and get degraded?

One such incident took place when Arun Marwaha, an IAF captain violated the confidentiality of government matters and encouraged espionage which means obtaining of secret or confidential information without the permission of the holder of the information.



Special Cell’s special commissioner MM Oberoi said Marwaha was detained by the IAF on January 31 after his activities were found “suspicious”. The Air Force had approached the Delhi Police to investigate the case.

“He was arrested on Wednesday after a case was registered against him under the Official Secrets Act,” Oberoi said.

Upon getting into the matter, it was unfolded when it was said that he was allegedly seduced by two ‘models’ which were, in fact, fake accounts of Pakistan’s ISI and used WhatsApp as a messenger to pass on the sensitive information including the classified documents pertaining to the IAF.


The documents were mainly related to training and combat-related air exercises, specifically Gagan Shakti which is an exercise.  The fake accounts were in the names of Kiran Randhawa and Mahima Patel. Officer befriended them months ago who posed as women models.

According to the Special Cell’s officer, Marwaha befriended the ISI agents who posed as women models a few months ago.

“They chatted regularly on WhatsApp… and also allegedly exchanged intimate messages. The ISI agents also honey-trapped him after obtaining some of his nude pictures,” the officer said, adding that after gaining Marwaha’s trust, the “Pakistani agents asked the officer for classified documents”.


 “He has even confessed to having had access to many secret documents and plans due to his posting at the Air Force Headquarters in Delhi,” the source said to Hindustan Times.

Right now he is being questioned in the Special Cells headquarters in Lodhi Colony Area of South Delhi. His phone has been seized and police are looking into the matter checking if he had any accomplices.

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