Awanish is an IAS Officer in Balrampur, Chhattisgarh.

At a time when everyone in our society is enrolling their kids in private schools with a hefty amount of fees, Sharan is setting an example. Awanish is trying to change people’s view about govt schools

And he is also walking the talk.Awanish has got her little daughter enrolled in a government school instead of private school.

He often tweets about his belief in government schools, Awanish shares images and videos of her daughter’s school to show that govt schools are no lesser than private ones.

In November, he successfully collected a Rs 26 lakh sanction for eggs to be
distributed between 44,000 Anganwadi kids in Chhattisgarh.Now, this adorable picture of the IAS officer sharing a midday meal with his daughter is getting viral.He has also been actively attending programmes & activities in the govt school where his daughter studies.An IAS officer who is setting the right example!We need more like you Awanish.

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