In our country, it is tough to take a stand for what is right and it becomes tougher when the fight is against the government authority.

IAS officer Rohini Shindhuri Dasari is known for her honesty, ethical administration. She always finds innovative ways to make a proper implementation of government policies and programs. But her honesty has caused her clashes with political personalities and which needless to say has affected her professional life. She has got transferred several times abruptly without any proper explanation.


I was doing very well, and it was just one year, three months and some random guy was complaining about something. When they can’t find anything, they’ll say ‘Gaurava Kotilla’ [did not get respect]. What does it even mean?…We are here to solve people’s issues. We were supposed to declare the district Open Defecation Free, and I had only requested for two to three months so that I could finish the work. But they wanted to know what my interest was in staying,” she said to the Bangalore Mirror.

The 33-year-old Deputy Commissioner of Hasan district stood up against the government for her premature transfer issue. Being an honest officer she has come through of these abrupt transfer previously. This time the transfer came as a result of indifference between district in-charge minister A Manju and Dasari regarding the handing of the tender for the construction of a viewer’s gallery atop Vindhyagiri for the Mahamastakabhishekam event in February.


While Manju was in favour of handing over the work, which is estimated to be worth Rs. 11.75 crore, to Karnataka Road Development Corporation Ltd, Dasari wanted to hand it over to the Public Works Department.

While most of the officers abide by the rules agrees with the decision of transfer to another place, Rohini decided to take a stand. “There have been several examples of officers being shifted out for doing the right thing. But young officers are calling [me] and saying that it is a good step and it motivates them. The traditional wisdom is ‘pack your bags and go’. When we have legal backing that says we need to be given a tenure in public interest, then that has to be respected. Nobody is above law,” she said to the a Bangalore Mirror.

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