IFP’s flagship event of scripting, shooting, editing and submitting a film in a mere 50 hours had a room full of creative, original and interesting movies that you would love to binge-watch.

Last year, over 32,000 filmmakers from 28 countries participated in Asia’s Largest Content Festival and made more than 1,500 short films in 50 hours. This year turned out to be way better than one can ever imagine.

The competition was divided into three categories: professional, amateur and mobile filmmaking. The jury for the event included Abhishek Chaubey, Anjali Menon, Pan Nalin and Pradeep Sarkar.

Here are the winning movies that should hit your bucket list.

1) Kheer | Platinum Film of the Year | Mobile Category 

Kheer is the story of how women even in simple everyday lives have to face patriarchy and how a protest against it can be the subtlest show of determination.

2) Itwar | Gold Film of the Year | Mobile Category

This movie shows how little things can stop us from leading a normal life and the courage it takes to address them.

3) Flawed | Silver Film of the Year | Mobile Category

This film is about an unusual love story. It covers all the aspects that stop us from taking one step towards happiness.

4) Shot Down

The movie talks about an aspiring writer who is constantly bogged down with opinions finally finds her voice.

5) The Dream Project | #5 Film of the Year | Mobile Category

Tisham Sinha, an independent working woman finds what’s the worth of feminism.

Liked them or Loved them?

All these movies have been entries to the Mobile Filmmaking category in The India Film Project this year. The IFP community consists of over 5.5 Lacs content creators including filmmakers, writers, storytellers, designers, musicians, editors, photographers, cinematographers, vloggers and many more.

The Indian Feed is proud to be associated with The India Film Project. Happy binge-watching!

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