7-Day Scriptwriting Challenge 

If you have a knack for scriptwriting,
We have a challenge that you will find exciting!

Over 4000 writers from around the globe have taken part in our 7-day screenwriting challenge. If you can brew up a storm, using just your pen, we have the stage for you to blow away! All you have to do is create a brand new script with the disclosed theme. A thematic script and a bonafide jury can change your life, as you compete against other participants in this adrenaline-filled race against time. With a bonafide jury, you will be evaluated by some of the most eminent personalities of the scriptwriting field. All budding writers and prospective scriptwriters mark your calendars and let your creative juices flow, the challenge begins soon; it’s your time to glow!

Jury: Atika Chohan, Gaurav Solanki, Hitesh Kewalya, and Niren Bhatt

Challenge Dates: 8 PM, Sept 5 to 8 PM, Sept 12, 2020

Last Date to Register: 11:59 PM, Sept 4, 2020

Every Winner of this challenge will be given a lifetime subscription of the Final Draft writing software, get an online masterclass session with personalized coaching on writing by The Lightweaver and win so much more!

Winners of all challenges will also get a special one-on-one mentoring session with one jury member of their challenge and participants across all challenges will get a 3-month free access to the entire SkillShare catalogue to upgrade their skills!

To register or know more, please visit: bit.ly/IFP7DayScriptwritingChallenge

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