IITs have always been in news for all good reasons like their quality education, providing opportunities for fat cheque paying jobs or for providing brilliant minds to the country. However, this time the reason is very different.


An incident has been reported from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur where 22 students of the college have been suspended for a period ranging from one year to three years on ragging charges. In total 22 students have been suspended, out of which 16 have been suspended for three years, and remaining 6 for one year.

Deputy director professor Dr. Manindra Agarwal said the 16 students were expelled for three years as the charges against them were “intensely serious”.”The expelled students will not have the right to file a plea for mercy during the suspension period and can resume their studies only after completing their suspension period”, he told TOI.


The punishment of these senior students came as a result of a mass complaint by newly admitted students to the dean of student affairs saying that they were forced to strip and do objectionable acts to each other.Hearing the complaints, the dean of student affairs referred the complaint to the anti-ragging committee for an inquiry and recommendation of appropriate punishment. The committee found that the 24 senior students were involved and recommended the termination of those students from the courses.

Talking to TOI, Professor Agarwal said,”The decision would send a strong message to students to say no to ragging and maintain decorum“.


Ragging is a social menace which involves bullying of new students coming to college or universities by the existing senior students. Highly reputed Indian colleges have a history of ragging especially Engineering and Medical Colleges. Following several complaints of serious injury to the students, Supreme Court banned ragging in every educational institute and started treating ragging as a criminal offense.

Now, ragging is completely banned in India however, there are some educational institutes where it still happens under the nose of academic bodies.The Indian Feed applauds the strict decision taken by IIT Kanpur’s academic body of suspending its students and not filing police complaint which could have damaged their future career prospects. This will surely send a stern message to all other students out there that ragging is not permissible on any grounds.

h/t:- TOI

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