We needn’t tell that sex is a taboo in the society. But what’s even more shocking is that, even the educated herd treats it as one and that too in the worst possible way!

IIT Madras’s men’s hostel recently faced a traumatizing raid by the authorities which was utterly surprising and unexpected. They simply entered rooms and took pictures of water cooler, mini fridge, water heater rod, egg boiler, electric kettle, cigarette butts and used condoms without bothering to ask for permission of the inmates. Well, when did ‘authority’ began to mean ‘dictatorship’ and ‘invasion of privacy’?

The ridiculous raid didn’t stop here. The names of defaulters along with what obscene item was found in their rooms and how much fine they needed to pay for having broken rules was displayed in public notice board the photo of which is being shared here.

The name of a student has been published who is supposed to pay RS 5000 for having used condoms in his room. Dear ‘Sanskaari’ authorities, the students are sexually and emotionally matured fellows and it’s totally natural in their part to have sex if their body and mind demands so! It’s not illegal but you people penalising them for the same is! Do you need to be spoon-fed this one liner fact?

And, the authorities found girls visiting men’s hostel a shame on the ‘parampara’ and were much happy taunting them too. A female Student fumes over the same and says, “A vigilance security officer asked if the room and bed was comfortable enough when I was at a boy’s hostel during their visit,”.

We all know that a young man and a young lady when locked in a room can talk, eat, study, watch movies, play games and do a lot more sitting on chairs. What made the official ask the lady’s opinion about ‘bed’?

‘Sex’ totally complies with human instinct, is not abnormal and definitely not a crime! The student deserves a pat on shoulders for having used protection that can not only save his partner from unwanted pregnancy but also act as a prevention against deadly sexually transmitted diseases. But before that, someone needs to publish another notice that reads- “Not using a condom is the trouble, dear. Using one is no offence!”.

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