In a historic move, Maharastra government has announced a 1 percent parallel reservation in the open category for orphan kids of the state. Officials from the Maharastra govt have claimed that Maharastra has probably become the first state to implement such policy.

As per TOI report, The reservation has been termed as parallel reservation and will be provided under the general category, ie of total available jobs under general category, 1 percent will be reserved for the orphan kids. Officials have also clarified that this reservation will only be applicable to the kids who don’t know who their parents were and hence have no idea about their caste or background.The reservation will not cover the kids whose parents have passed away.


In most cases, orphans are unaware of their caste and hence can’t get reservations benefits in jobs. The decision will end injustice meted out towards them for the past many years. In a way, the government has accepted their guardianship.”State women and child welfare minister Pankaja Munde was quoted in a Hindustan Times report.


The move is an outcome of a case of an orphan girl Amrita Karavande who grew up in Goa and completed her education in Maharastra. She had appeared for the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) exam and scored a little lesser than what was required for qualifying under general category. However, her marks were enough to qualify under reserved categories. But as Amrita wasn’t aware of her background or caste she was not considered under other categories following which she wrote to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis seeking help.Understanding her problem Fadanvis had then ordered the officials to look into the case.

Pankaja Munde, minister of women and child development department, said the historic decision is aimed at social and economic empowerment of such children.
Amid the ongoing demand against reservation based on caste, this can be considered a welcome move as it will surely help the children who are already struggling a lot in life without their parents.

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