At Meerut’s Milak village on the Daurala road a youth stuffed a 3 YO girl’s mouth with sutli bomb and lighted it. The horribly inhuman incidence took place on the evening of Tuesday, 6th November.

The child was then rushed to the nearby hospital. She has received 50 stitches in her mouth and throat. The bomb that exploded in her mouth has left her grievously traumatized, said the doctors.


Her father, Shashi Kumar has filed an FIR with the police accusing Harpal for having brutalized his daughter just for ‘fun’. However, the criminal is on a run as the cops are searching for him.

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We’re getting goosebumps merely by reading the news and destiny knows how the little life must be coping up with the pain and sufferings. As the country and its law were super enthusiastic to protect environment this Diwali, monsters found new ways to assault the commonest victims, our children. We wish the child a speedy recovery!

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