In a recent event in Karnataka hosted by the district administration, a sumptuous dinner was thrown for the CM, his Cabinet colleagues and senior officials spending a huge amount of public money.


Reportedly the CM was on a visit to Kalaburagi to participate in the Sadhane Sambhrama programme and Rs 10 lakh was spent to host a dinner for Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to get him food in pure silverware.


As reported by Deccan Chronicle, former district BJP president, Rajkumar Telkur said each plate of food served was charged Rs 800. A special caterer from Hyderabad was brought in for the purpose. “Mr Siddaramaiah often flaunts his socialist background and claims to be a Lohiaite. Should people who day in and day out talk about their honesty, spend public money for such a programme?”, Mr. Telkur asked.

He claimed that while the CM and his Cabinet colleagues were served dinner in silver plates, the public was served food which had worms the same evening at Sedam town at a public meeting which Siddaramaiah addressed.

We wonder why this kind of wastage of taxpayer’s money is done on unnecessary things like these when the farmers in the state are dying from debts and the public from drought.Hope our government gives attention to things like these and stops splurging unnecessarily.


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