Child Marriage has its roots deepened in Indian custom and tradition from ages, but as India progressed, gradually people rejected this custom unanimously and now solemnizing a child marriage is a punishable offense.But, as these progressive laws were implemented, people also started devising more improvised techniques to trick the government and court. An incident has come to light from Bulandsahar, U.P where a family was about to conduct the marriage of their 11-year old daughter by duping her age in Aadhaar as 18 years.

The child was rescued hours before being married on Friday morning in Bulandshahr. According to police, a joint effort by social activists, officials from her school and police helped thwart the marriage.

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To beat the heat of legalities of arranging a child marriage, the girl’s family had allegedly got a fake Aadhaar card made that stated her age as nearly 18 years.

According to a TOI report, The event came in light when the child who reads in class III informed her class teacher that she will not be coming to school anymore as she is going to be married.The class teacher informed this to the chief executive officer of Pardada-Pardadi Educational Society (PPES), which runs the school where the girl studies.

School authorities called the girl’s parents and tried to make them understand the gravity of matter and crime they were about to do but reluctant parents did not agree and showed an Aadhar card made for the girl, showing her age as 17 years and nine months. According to school management, the child is likely to be around 11 years of age and the Aadhar card shown by her parents seemed fake.

After the talk failed with the girl’s parents, school management then got in touch with Child Line Organisation. Local social activists said they received death threats for trying to stop the wedding.


However, on Friday morning, just before the wedding at Anupshahr, police and Child Line officials reached the girl’s house and took her into protective custody and handed over to the school authorities, who will keep her under a teacher’s care until her family promises to not get her married.

According to Officials, the family was marrying the girl and her sister, who is in her early twenties, at the same time to save on expenses as they are a poor family cant bear the expense of two marriages.

“The family is being counseled and the girl’s age will be verified by a panel of doctors under the chief medical officer (CMO) of Bulandshahr district and if the age verification report proves she is 11, we will begin investigations into the fake Aadhaar card,” TOI quotes SHO Patel.

The Indian Feed strongly opposes Child Marriage and urges our society members to be conscious and report any such marriages happening in their locality by dialing 1098, a 24-hour helpline service of ChildLine India Foundation.We appreciate the step taken by the teacher and the activists to prevent the child from getting married despite receiving death threats!

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