Who doesn’t love to watch movies? Till we were in the early young days of life, every new movie that hit the theatres used to be in our bucket lists. We never grew tired of watching films. Our enthusiasms never faded away. It was the scarcity of ‘time’ that built up a wall between the responsibilities that await us and our favorite pass-time.

If you can totally relate to the above chaos, then we have brought a worthy gift for you. Here we have made a compilation of seven short films. Let us tell you about the specialty of these films. They were all shot within a span of just 50 hours and would finish earlier that the coffee in your mugs. Crime, thriller, comedy, romance, philosophy, wait, struggle, pain, and what not! Those 5-6 minutes are packed with a roller coaster of all emotions! Here you go:


2) Inner Transitions


4)Gone With The Wind

5) Karma

6) Ranga Deva

7) Lifeline

Loved them? All these movies have been entries to the Indian Film Project once. IFP is Asia’s largest content creation festival that has been providing budding filmmakers to showcase their talents and bag huge opportunities for their careers.

If you have a story in mind which you think can be marvelously filmed, then why wait? Use this platform to the full. Your movies will be judged by eminent judges from the content creation industry. To know more about the details for participation, please visit here or check the official FB handle of India Film Project.

Here’s a sneak peek into the fest

The Indian Feed‘ is the social media partner to ‘India Film Project’. For more updates regarding exciting contests coming up, please stay tuned to our official Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram handle! Happy binge watching.

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