Here we bring you another big news from the 72nd UN session being held in New York. Earlier, Eenam Gambhir, India’s first Secretary in Permanent Mission to UN had called Pakistan a “TERRORISTAN” using right to reply to Pak PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s maiden speech.The Pak PM had accused India of supporting terror activities against his country and warned of a “matching response”.

After that Foreign Minister, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj too had slammed Pakistan after it accused India of indulging in terror activities.”As India is busy building IITs, IIMs, AIIMS and ISRO, Pakistan build terrorist groups like Laskar-e-Taiba.”

When Pakistan’s secretary to Permanent UN mission Maleeha Lodi called India ‘mother of terrorism in South Asia’, in reply to Swaraj’s speech it was enough to bring every Indian high on their nerves.

Now, this is what came from India’s secretary of Permanent Mission with UN Ms. Paulomi Tripathi, as a stern reply.
Exercising her right to reply,  she presented two photographs-

Earlier Maleeha Lodhi had flashed a picture of an injured Gaza girl with no connection to India while alleging she was a victim of pellet guns in Kashmir.”This is the face of Indian democracy,” Pak’s Lodhi had claimed.However, It was a photograph of Rawya Abu Jom’a, a girl from Palestine taken by American photographer Heidi Levine. 

Ms. Tripathi called out the picture and told it “a fake picture to push a completely false narrative.

“The Permanent Representative of Pakistan misled this Assembly by displaying this picture to spread falsehoods about India. A fake picture to push a completely false narrative.”

The other one was of Martyr lieutenant Ummer Fayaz who was abducted and killed by Pak supported terrorists.

Lieutenant Fayaz was kidnapped at a wedding celebration by terrorists in May 2017 and later was killed brutally.The brutal nature of death had shaken the Valley.

Martyr Lt Ummer Fayaz

Tripathi called it ‘a picture of terrorism’. “This is a real and not a fake picture of Lt. Ummer Faiyaz.It portrays a harsh and tragic reality. A picture of terrorism emanating from across our borders that the people of India, especially in the state of J&K have to struggle with, every day.

With these solid pieces of evidence, she claimed rightly that the real face of Pakistan is no more hidden.Poulami Tripathy is a 2007 batch IFS officer named who has defended India’s pride in such a graceful manner.

Not just debates and discussions, India keeps up proving its point and dodging baseless allegations being made.

We feel proud for the young and dynamic Diplomats of India who confidently represent our Nation at world level. More power to them!

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