A few weeks back we had seen the raw courage of an Indian army soldier who had saved a woman from getting raped. Here’s yet another incident which reaffirms our faith in the guardians of the nation, the brave Indian army.

On 6th May Lieutenant Ashish of the Regiment of Artillery of the Army was travelling in the Amritsar-bound Dadar Express, and it was around 3:00 a.m. when he observed the chain was pulled and two men boarded the 2AC compartment of the train.

The robbers found a woman sleeping in the lower berth of the A-1 bogie and were about to flee the train with her luggage. However, Lieutenant Ashish who was in the upper berth of the same compartment wasted no time and jumped in to save his helpless co-passenger.

The robbers took out a knife to threaten the soldier. Little did they know that they were facing an Indian army soldier, they stabbed him many times on his hand with the knife, however, Ashish kept fighting with one hand injured.

Shocked by the raw courage of the officer the dacoits jumped out of the train and the robbery was averted. The cops then registered the complaint and are searching for the robbers. The incident once again proves no matter they know you or not, they are on duty or not they will always be there when you need protection.

The story was shared by Indian army and has already gone viral for all the right reasons

We salute the spirit and courage Lieutenant Ashish who single-handedly fought the robbers and foiled the robbery bid.

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