Dr Prabhulingaswamy Sanganalmath, a sixty-nine-year-old retired doctor from Mysuru, Karnataka became a hero for one European traveller after he saved his life abound the Air France.

The incident happened on Nov 13, when Dr Sanganalmath, a retired government physician, was flying from Paris to Bengaluru on the airline, and a co-passenger had a medical emergency, who collapsed when the flight was mid-air.


As per reports, the co-passenger was also a senior citizen and his condition deteriorated as his pulse couldn’t be found. Dr Sanganalmath along with a nurse helped the passenger and revived him by giving him a cardiac massage using the standard process of trying to resuscitate the patient.

”The air hostesses brought the emergency health kit and oxygen tank. The oxygen supplemented resuscitation was carried out. The patient started speaking and drank juice after a couple of hours. He was under observation until the flight landed in Bengaluru and was then taken to the airport clinic for further examination,” said Dr Sanganalmath, in a conversation with The Hindu.

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When the flight landed, the flight captain and cabin crew expressed their gratitude toward the Indian doctor, however, he mentioned that it was nothing more than his duty.

“The next day I got a message from Vincent Feuillie of Air France Passenger Medical Service thanking me for the medical assistance. Now, the airline has offered me a voucher worth 100 Euros as a token of appreciation,” added the doctor.

Dr Sanganalmath proves that humanity is above all and if we have anything to offer to the ones in need, we always should.

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