An Indian doctor from Haryana saved a life of a fellow passenger on the Air Canada flight from Toronto to New Delhi on New Year’s Eve.

Dr Payal Puri Sharma, who hails from a city of Haryana, Panchkula, acted at the time of emergency and helped a co-passenger reviving the 42-year-old by conducting a cardiac massage using the standard process of resuscitation.

Speaking to The Tribune, she mentions that she was fast asleep and woke up to someone crying for help, after realising she was the only doctor in the flight, she raised her hand for help.

“I was seated in one of the rear seats of the aircraft. I stood up and saw a man, who was semi-conscious and breathing heavily. I immediately asked the crew to shift him to the business class seat so that he feels comfortable.”

Dr Payal who is a General Physician at the Civil Hospital in Sector 6, along with the cabin crew helped in providing oxygen-supplemented resuscitation to the passenger.

She asked the crew to fetch her in-flight crash cart kit and the man’s wife about his medicines and medical prescription. However when she was told the prescribed medication exhausted and was not available in Toronto when they left she conducted a cardiac massage using the standard process of resuscitation.

Post the resuscitation, she gave the passenger some medicines from a crash kit and another dose after half an hour due to which the blood pressure stabilized.

While she was doing her duty, her efforts were noticed by Dr Jim Chung, Chief Medical Officer, Air Canada, who sent her a letter personally thanking her for the medical assistance.

“Now, the airline has provided me with a voucher offering 30 per cent discount on future travel as a token of appreciation,” she said.

Dr Payal has not only made us believe in humanity but also taught us the spirit of brotherhood.

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