The internet was buzzing with the hoax that Indian Railways has decided to ban non-vegetarian food in order to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary. However, Indian Railways clarified that no such decision has been made and non-vegetarian food will be served to passengers.

Though earlier on 22nd May, Tuesday, the Indian Railway Board came up with a suggestion of not including non-vegetarian items in the meal served on Gandhi Jayanti to mark the occasion as “Vegetarian Day”. They also planned not to serve non-vegetarian food to the passengers, on 2nd October of respective years; 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Along with this, the proposal also included a “Swachhta Express” for Sabarmati and adjoining stations, special tickets with watermark of Mahatma Gandhi on it.

The Board appealed to the head of the Culture minister Bharatiya Janata party’s Mahesh Sharma for approval of the proposals.


RD Bajpai, Director, M&CC, Indian Railways said, “Some media reports are mentioning that Railway will observe a total Vegetarian day on 2nd October. This is not true. We are not restricting non-veg food and passengers can opt for the same. Railways will continue to support them and serve normal food to the esteemed passengers.”

So it is quite clear from the facts that though the Indian Railway Board came up with the suggestion of serving only veg items on Gandhi Jayanti but no such decision had been made yet.

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