Under the leadership of Honorable Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Indian Railways is going extra miles to provide the world class infrastructure and facilities across the nation.

After providing free and high speed Wi-Fi at various major railway stations, now Indian Railways is going to facilitate dedicated private space in waiting rooms for nursing mothers where they will be able to comfortably breastfeed their babies and will be saved from prying eyes.

This welcome step has been taken as a response to a letter by WCD minister Maneka Gandhi in which she asked Suresh Prabhu,”When women passengers wait on stations for long hours,they cannot breastfeed their babies.They have no facility to change their clothes as well.And this is due to the lack of infrastructure at the railway stations.

Answering the letter of Maneka Gandhi, the railway board informed the secretary of WCD ministry, “Instructions have been issued to all zonal railways on June 8 to provide a segregated area within the waiting hall at important stations for feeding babies by lactating mothers. This corner is provided with a small table and a chair with appropriate partition/screen around it. As of date, more than 100 waiting halls have been provided with this facility. “

Maneka Gandhi took the twitter to thank Mr. Suresh Prabhu for this caring decision.

The Indian Feed welcomes the step of Indian Railways and hope that this facility gets extended to all the railway stations very soon.

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