39 Indians who went missing in Mosul, Iraq in June 2014 were declared dead by Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister on March 20th. 38 out of 39 bodies will be reaching Amritsar anytime today in afternoon. One body is not coming as only 70% of the DNA test was proved to be true and for the rest bodies, it was 95%.

It was also said that it was a brutal fault of the minister for keeping the families of those Indians in dark by comforting them with the statement that they were alive, to this Swaraj defended herself by saying, “It would have been a sin had we handed over anybody’s body claiming it to be those of our people, just for the sake of closing files.”


After knowing the reality, the families asked to bring back the bodies of the deceased which got delayed to around 12 days because of formalities related to transfer papers of the deceased etc. Their bodies were kept in Medico Legal Institute, Iraq’s forensic sciences department in Baghdad.

It has been demanded by the families that they should be allowed to open the coffin at the airport itself. But unfortunately, it has been denied by the authorities mentioning the time constraints as only 4 to 7 minutes will be given for the departure of each body.

“It’s his destiny that he has to return like this, a lifeless and soulless person wrapped –up in his mortal remains, “ said Ramesh Chand, a retired army personnel. Praising External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, he said, “If an opportunity comes, I will go to Sushma Swaraj to thank her for helping to bring the mortal remains. Had she not been the foreign minister, no one would have cared to even know about these boys. I salute her spirit and mother-like sensitivity to the issue,” he told the Indian Express.


In ‘Bharat Bandh’ concept, there are riots going on around the country, so the Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has requested the protesters to allow the bodies to pass the way without any hindrances and tight security has also been put for the same.

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