While the world goes crazy for the glamor exhibited in the calendars, Mission Smile, took an initiative to break the barrier and brought together the first amputee calendar. The models being the specially abled people who have overcome their shortcomings and excelled in their professions. They had the will they paved their way And conquered life.

This calendar features India’s first woman blade runner, a botanist who’s also a model, a professional swimmer, an IT professional and dancer, a badminton player, a biker, an artist, and a hockey player and guess what is common between all of them? they all are specially abled but are at the top of their profession.

Mission Smile, an initiative that asks people to pledge their talents, rather than money, for its projects, decided to celebrate specially-abled persons through their calendar. “Usually, it is only A-list celebrities who are part of glamorous photo-shoots. Nobody has attempted to shoot amputees before,” Preeti Rai, co-founder of Mission Smile, says.

Here is the calendar

1.Kiran Kanojia : India’s first blade runner

2. Sheryl Rebecca: Aspiring model and botanist

3. Dhaval Khatri: A celebrated artist who lost both his hands at the age of 14

4. Briju Mohan: A left arm amputee, salsa dancer, an IT professional co-founder at One Step At A Time

Antara Telang: Right leg amputee, content head at LaughGuru

5. Vishwas HS: Silver medalist,  Can-Am Para-Swimming championships 

6. Vinod Rawat: Left Leg Amputee, biker, marathon runner

7. Arle Ramchandra Rao: Left-hand amputee , basketball player

8. Suyash Yadav: The only Indian Para swimmer to have achieved the ‘A’ qualifying mark for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, and is being supported by the GoSports Foundation

9. Manasi Joshi: Manasi Joshi met with an accident and lost her left leg. Today, she is a national and international level para-badminton player

10Mariyappan Thangavelu: Gold medalist of  2016 Rio paralympics 

11. Samuel T: 13-Year-Old, lost his arm due to an electric shock when he was 6, goalkeeper of school hockey team.

12. Shalini Saraswathi : Quadruple Amputee, lost all four of her limbs, participated in TCS 10k world run.

what’s your excuse to excel in life??

all image source : Being You



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