In a horrific incident of animal cruelty from Agra, hot tar was poured over a dog by the construction workers and a road roller was run over it. While one IndiaToday report has claimed that the dog was dead when the road was being made, other media reports quoted the locals as saying that the dog was alive and crying in pain when the hot tar was poured over it. Allegedly ignoring the heart breaking cries of the poor soul the construction workers went ahead and constructed the road.

Even if the dog was dead there is something called humanity and nothing justifies building a road or running a road roller over a dead body. News agency ANI reported that the dog was dead. “Road construction company RP Infraventure constructed part of the road over a dead dog in Agra. The dog’s body was removed after a police complaint was filed,” ANI said in a tweet.

The horrific cruelty was uncovered when the pics of the dog started surfacing over the social media after the locals discovered it in the morning. The twitter users vented out their anger by tagging the authorities, CM and PETA as well.

The construction company RP Infraventure, has been issued a notice by the PWD. And following a police complaint, the animals’ dead body was also removed after the road was dug using a crane.

As per the latest update, 4 people have been arrested in the case so far. The amount of cruelty shown by the construction company in the case is shameful and shows how humans have blurred the line between animals and themselves.

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