Since the time memorial, it has been addressed that school is an institution which has a power in itself to mould the shape of a child and upon observing a lot of issues where a child used to get hit by the teachers, punishments which were unacceptable, rules which were not followed and thousands more, the laws were formed, in order to maintain the reasons why an Institution like school was needed.


However, again, even after explaining what is wrong and what is right – a teacher of  Navoday school in Thandla, Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh, got brutally inhuman after he asked 14 students to slap a girl every day twice, till the time she does not finish her homework. The girl was absent for a few days due to illness and clearly, no child deserves this treatment. By the time she finished it, taking 6 days in account, she was already bombarded with 168 slaps.

Although the girl initially did not tell anybody about the happening, however after realizing her father lodged a complaint against the accused — Manoj Verma when the matter was finally looked upon.


The teacher upon asking to justify mentioned that though the law mentions it as a crime under ‘Right To Education’ to slap a student, it is nowhere mentioned that it can’t be done via students.

The saturation point of inhuman behavior triggered when the school principal mentioned about the incident as a ‘friendly punishment’ – “where the classmates did not hit her hard, so she could perform better in the future”.
Thandla police inspector Shersingh Baghel said the student has been sent for a medical examination.

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