Hyderabad: A family left their pet dog in the balcony to starve to death. The Pomeranian dog was chained in the balcony by his owners for several days deprived of proper care and eventually died of hunger. The neighbors noticed this ill-treatment by the owners of the dog and also asked them to take due care of the animal. The family gave no response and left the dog to die.

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They lived in Moti Nagar Colony and the neighbors were shocked to hear about the family’s irresponsible behavior towards their dog. The neighbors said that the morning after the dog died, someone came to clean up the balcony and take the dog’s carcass out of the house.

According to the photo evidence, it is clear that there was no one in the house when the dog died, while it was chained in the balcony,” said P Teja, an animal rights activist and a member of Humane Society International (HSI) who visited the spot after receiving the complaint, reported The Times of India.

Source : TOI

“After the neighbors called the family informing that their dog was not moving, they first responded that the dog might be sleeping and hung up the phone but managed to clear the body and clean the entire balcony the next morning,” said Teja

The neighbors also notified TOI of the ill-treatment of the dog by the husband and wife who owned him. The animal rights activists are demanding serious action to be taken against the dog’s owners.

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This is a case of animal abuse and also the abuse of human authority over helpless, innocent animals. If you can’t take care of your pet, don’t adopt it in the first place. People treat their dogs as their own family, which is what should be done. Your pet might just be a small part of your large amusing life, but for him, you’re his entire life.

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