All that a rape survivor goes through during her struggle for Justice is no less traumatizing than the rape itself. Many survivors have admitted the same and this story rightly proves why.

As per the media reports, the survivor in the context met Satish, 28 during her stay at her aunt’s place in 2015. Satish owns a cell phone shop in Bhiwandi. The duo fell in love with each other and soon had a consensual sexual relationship with intentions of marriage in future.

However, Satish’s ex-girlfriend Rabiya showed up and wasn’t much pleased with the couple. She started threatening the woman. One day, Rabiya invited the woman to her place, got her drugged with sedative-laced beverages, raped by a friend and filmed by herself. Later, Rabiya even blackmailed the woman for Rs 50,000 against her rape video.


This is where the woman sought police intervention and filed a case with Kongaon police. An even more horrible fate was awaiting her disguised as Rohan Ganjari, the 34 YO sub-inspector who was supposed to investigate her case.

The cops added her boyfriend Satish’s name in the complaint against the woman’s wish and soon he was thrown behind the bars. Rohan demanded sexual favors from the woman to set him free and get his name removed from the case file. He took the complainant to Kalyan Lodge on 8th August and raped her. He ensured her signature in a paper that said that the woman was having sex with Rohan at her own free will.

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After this exploitation repeated itself a number of times, the woman reached Kongaon police station and this time framed Rohan. However, the smart cop had already fled the city a few days before and not even his family knows his whereabouts, said another Kongaon official.

Preaching women to be brave enough to report crimes against them is nothing more than a farce when we’ve monsters behind uniforms instead of protectors. We hope the accused is soon found out and unbiased legal actions are taken against him.

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