These 126 seconds will take you on a scary emotional ride. The unfathomable story of a two-year-old Pihu getting lost in her own house, with every normal household appliance turning against her, will leave your heart seared.

Every moment you will just pray for things getting better for her but what happens is otherwise. The trailer of the movie ‘Pihu’, directed by Vinod Kapri is based on a true story, that has put every parent in the worst spot.

This is indeed “every parent’s worst nightmare”, as stated in the trailer. The 100-minute movie with a single character, a two-year-old kid waiting for her dead mother to wake up, has highlighted tons of risks that kids may face inside the four walls of their own house. However, the innocence, naivety and the curiosity within the playful tot, makes it disturbing for the viewer to watch and imagine all the dangerous situations the child is exposing herself to, in the trailer.

On watching the trailer, some parents might say that they won’t expose their kids to such disturbing content. We think that this could be a form of education for the kids, as they could learn about all the things that they are NOT supposed to do in case of an unforeseen crisis.

Kids are vulnerable and do not realize what they are getting into. Your kid’s safety is in your hands, prepare them for all kinds of emergencies that they might face, with or without you. Establish certain safety rules and safety measures at home to not risk your child’s life when he/she is left alone in the house.

Here are some measures for your kid’s safety:

Teach and talk about safety
Teach your kid to never go near the electrical appliances or even the switchboards until and unless they are old enough and ready for it. The open plug-ins and appliances might cause harm to your kid without prior notice.

Pihu exposed to all electrical appliances in the house alone with her dead mother (YouTube)

Security initiatives
See that the doors and windows of the house are properly grilled. Be it a kid or an adult, the risk of them falling from a high rise vanishes with the help of a grill. Apply child locks and drawer latches to the drawers where you keep sharp objects such as screwdrivers, scissors, knives and forks ( in the kitchen) and other tools.

Pihu goes inside the fridge while playing (YouTube)

Get an alarming system installed
Install an alarming system that ensures that an emergency call will go to the nearest police station in case of any mishap in the house. In a situation of a smoke release, fire or a short circuit, the alarming system will notify the nearest police station so that they can rush to the house to help.

Keep your child away from liquids that contain chemicals
Consumption of any chemical-induced liquid, from body lotion to deodorant to the floor cleaner, is dangerous for the kid. If your child is that curious toddler who loves to put everything in his/her mouth, you must keep chemicals away from him/her and prevent its consumption.

Pihu at the risk of causing a fire in the house with the stove on (YouTube)

Emergency phone calls
Make sure that the child remembers the contact numbers of his/her parents and one or two trustworthy elders whom he/she can call immediately in case of an emergency. The child must also be well acquainted with the neighbors so that he/she can ask for help whenever necessary.

The trailer ends with a suspense where Pihu is about to fall off from the balcony (YouTube)

Your child’s safety is your responsibility. Make sure to not miss out on any single measure. A small mistake or little ignorance can risk an innocent life. Do your safety counts well in advance and prepare your child for an emergency.

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