There have been years of debates questioning the influence of the Internet. This story definitely favors the internet and would surely restore your faith in humanity.

Amidst trolls and overenthusiastic spammers on the internet, a Facebook page called Humans of Bombay, which is inspired by a very popular page called the Humans of New York delivers to us a bundle of heartwarming stories.

The story of Rushi, a cancer patient would make you reach out for a box of tissues. Rushi who is from Gujarat moved to Mumbai to attend college.Rushi suffers from a rare type of cancer called the MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndromes) which results in the bone marrow failing to produce sufficient red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Rushi discovered that it would require a bone marrow transplant and multiple rounds of costly chemotherapy. Rushi’s chemotherapy treatment – each costing 2.5 lakhs, had to be stopped after 8 cycles due to lack of funds.

Rushi explains in a Facebook post -that went viral, about his big plans for his future. He also explains how his father with a monthly income of just Rs.15,000  managed to save almost Rs. 13 lakhs for his education.Rushi wrote he always dreamed of earning after his MBA and his parents never once let the worry of finances prevent him from pursuing his dreams.

“Seeing my father worried is more difficult than braving these chemotherapy cycles,” he wrote. “It’s even worse that I can’t do my MBA and give my parents the life they deserve… I’m trying to show him the brighter side – I tell him that it’s good that I’ve received another year to prepare for the entrance exam so I’ll try to get into the IIMs, but it’s tough.

On November 15th, Humans of Bombay got hold of this and posted a story featuring Rushi. This post touched many people leaving everyone teary-eyed and also urged them to make a contribution.

Everyone joined hands and contributions started flowing in, the next day, Humans of Bombay shared that netizens had managed to raise more than the required 25 lakh in less than 15 hours: “THANK YOU, beautiful humans, for relentlessly reinforcing our faith in all the good in the world!”


The world is indeed beautiful and stories like this leave us thinking that the internet is a boon to the world. It’s amazing how everyone comes together to help someone in need.

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