An Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) staffer was beaten brutally by two passengers of the Sealdah Rajdhani Express because he accidentally bumped into one of them, reported TOI. The victim is now admitted to a private hospital with a serious health condition.

According to a complaint filed by the train manager, The incident happened near Gaya on Monday evening. The victim Sushanta Behera was a workman-3 grade employee and was on duty on the B-9 AC III-tier coach that day. To serve dessert after dinner he had to bring a carton of ice-cream for passengers. While he was passing through the B-13 coach, there was a train jerk and he bumped into one of the accused accidentally.

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The accused Md Zaid (28) got angry and beat Sushanta continuously till he was unconscious. The co-passengers immediately called the train security staff. According to the train manager, Zaid and his uncle, M Quraishi (58) tried to convince this as a minor incident and cover it up.

Sushanta was taken to the railway hospital in Gaya in no time. The doctors told that he was suffering from brain injury and he needed to be sent to Kolkata for treatment after which he was transferred to Howrah on Tuesday.


We rushed him to Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. His condition has deteriorated. At Apollo, doctors said his left side is paralyzed and he has suffered injuries to his brain and spine,” IRCTC group general manager (east) Debashis Chandra told TOI.

He also said,”There were 70 other passengers in the coach. I wonder why they didn’t intervene when the suspects thrashed Behera, instead of waiting for him to collapse and then inform the security staffers.”
The two accused passengers are from Park Circus, Kolkata. Railway Protection Force (RPF) arrested them and handed them over to Government Railway Police (GRP) who charged them with an attempt to murder under IPC section 307.

The incident is really shameful and shows how we treat people on the basis of class as beating someone for such a trivial issue till he collapses looks more like fueled by a prejudice against people of lower class. We hope people learn to be more tolerant towards other and treat everyone equally in spite of the social status or class.

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