What a visual delight it could watching guns in the hands of kids in the age where cricket bats should tighten in their fists, shooting to the target points set 10 meters away, and an eye fixed to the center at one point. That is how one needs to focus on the path of their dreams, abandoning even the air beyond it.

Source : TOI

It is the only way the students of the Universal senior secondary school, 125 km away from Delhi in Goria village, Jhajjar in Haryana practice target shooting in a room following their 16-year-old mentor Manu Bhaker. The shooting star of Haryana is a gold medalist, with two in her pockets which she won for India in the ISSF World cup Guadalajara, Mexico while her debut in the international championship last week. Apart from 2 golds, she has managed to seize 15 medals in the national championship in Thiruvananthapuram held last year.
“Pathakhe phodne mein mazaa to ayega (It will be fun to burn the crackers),” Manu told to her father, Ramkishan Bhaker after the international victory, as being reported by the Times of India.


Manu has always been passionate about whatever she wanted to do and that’s what every field demands. dig your heart into it and the success shall touch your feet. right from the start, many had been into sports like racing, boxing, shooting, Thang-Ta, and judo. she never let her parents down as she has been the kid mastering everywhere. just after winning 15 medals at the national level, she hit a 10 CGPA in her 10th board examinations.
“I was very keen that she learn martial arts and become strong and independent,” said a proud mother, Sumedha.

Universal school in predominant men state has given rise to many little fingers triggering the gun points. Manu’s mother is the principal and her uncle being the one from where the school emerged, her family has opened up a wide range of options for students in the field of shooting, allowing students to practice from class 5. The pellets and targets cost up to Rs. 1400-1500 per month which are supposed to be spent by the practitioners but apart from that the school provides the dummy guns and pistols.

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The school which has the prodigy of the shooter from a very young age of 10 or 11 years has also some who were being forced to give up their shooting dreams due to either the expenses or the orthodox belief. It is in the hands of students that how they utilize the resources provided to them with an extensive support from family. Education is important but sports as well demands priority. Smarter are the only ones who knows to balance both of them.

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