Nowadays people find love either by swiping right or swiping left without thinking about the consequences. 29-year-old Dushyant Sharma’s Tinder date cost him his life.


29-year-old Dushyant Sharma was a Jaipur based man and a father who pretended to be a Delhi based rich businessman on the dating app. The profile said his name was Vivan Kohli, a Delhi resident who earned crores of rupees every month. The alleged 27-year-old Priya Seth got friendly with him with an intention of robbing him. Priya  was out on bail after being arrested for threatening to implicate a businessman in a false rape case in March 2018.

On 2nd May she invited him to her rented apartment in Bajaj Nagar with the intention of robbing him. Along with her boyfriend Dikshant Kamra and Lakshya Walia, Priya abducted Dushyant and asked him to pay the ransom of Rs.10 Lakhs. She took his ATM card away after tying him up with wires. They called up his father for the money. He said that he would deposit Rs 3 Lakh into his son’s account as he doesn’t not have the amount asked.


After receiving the partial ransom amount Priya thought it could become a threat to them if they let Dushyant go. So, the trio who were under the effect of Cocaine killed him, chopped his body into pieces, put it inside a suitcase and disposed the suitcase in Amer, near Jaipur on May 3. According to TOI, The same evening Priya duped another businessman. She claimed that she did not flee Jaipur as her astrologer had warned her that she would have to go to jail.

She would befriend wealthy people through dating platforms and escort service websites and invite them to her flat. When the men arrived, she would tear her clothes and threaten to register a rape case against them if they did not give her money,” said a police officer investigating the case, to Hindustan Times.


This wasn’t the only time that Priya got involved in a criminal case. Previously she got involved in cases like extortion, ATM theft and blackmailing with false rape cases.

Priya came to Jaipur in 2012 to get enrolled in college. Here she came in contact with an agent through an advertisement. He asked her to rent her apartment which would be used for flesh trade. He assured her good sum of money in exchange. Allegedly this made Priya habitual of making easy money and when the inflow of money got stopped she started committing crimes like theft and extortion.

It’s really surprising to see that how inhuman a person can become just for money. Neither they think about themselves, their family, nor about the people whom they are making a victim of such terrible incident.

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