Jaipur: Swami Gyanvatsalya, a motivational guru walked out of an event in the city after spotting women seated in the front row. Reportedly, he told the organisers to refrain from allowing women to sit in the first three rows at the auditorium for his programme. After a discussion, the front seats were vacant, but he still chose to leave without giving a speech.

The speaker came to an event called The Raj Medicon 2019 which was organised by The Indian Medical Association (IMA) and All Rajasthan In Service Doctors Association (ARISDA).

Dr Ajay Chaudhary, a senior ARISDA official, told Zee Media that Swami Gyanvatsalya walked out of the event as women were seated in the front rows.
After Swami Gyanvatsalya demanded that no women should be present in the front rows, the doctors protested and decided to boycott his speech. Even though after a discussion the two rows were decided to be left vacant, upon his arrival Swami Gyanvatsalya found women sitting in the front row and then after the hustle backstage they were asked to vacant all the first seven rows.

Speaking about the incident, Dr Ritu Chaudhary told Zee Media, this is the “protocol” of Swami Gyanvatsalya, is what his ‘condition’ was explained away as to the women doctors. Although some of the doctors agreed to follow the “protocol,” Swami Gyanvatsalya then left the venue without delivering his speech.

Women in this country or worldwide have been marginalized on a lot of bases, some of them stand up and some of them don’t. What we need today is a world where we as women are considered equal in all aspects. People like Swami Gyanvatsalya are only degrading our very own existence by considering us secondary or inferior. He sure might be good at what he does, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t wrong. People like him who have influence will only create an impact which is against us women because people think if he can do it, so can they and eventually they’ll think it’s right to even marginalize women. At times, it does happen. The Indian feed urges every gender, to stand up for their rights, to stand up for themselves and alike, to stand up against the wrong. It ain’t a fight, but if that’s what it takes to gain equality, then we shall have one.

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