Panchayats and local courts have always been infamous for their weird diktats ranging from victim blaming to giving weird punishments.Adding to the same list a man from Jamui district in Bihar was fined asked to pay a fine of Rs 31,000 by a village panchayat after his daughter was raped by a villager.

The man was so economically challenged that he didn’t have enough money to get his house’s front door fixed.

According to The Indian Express report, the victim was allegedly raped on Sunday night. “My wife was away that day. I heard the shrieks of my daughter in her room in the night and rushed there to see Rakesh, a youth from the village, committing rape on her. He tried to flee when I yelled at him, but my neighbors gathered immediately and caught him,”” the man said in his complaint to police.


On the fateful night, the accused was allowed to go after some scolding and the victim’s father was asked to attend a meeting of the village panchayat next day.In the meeting next day, the panchayat members allegedly questioned the victim’s character and even threatened his father that he should not have named the accused. Later, he was also asked to pay a fine of Rs 31,000 and was threatened that if he fails in doing so the victim would be made to wear a garland of shoes and paraded in the village.

Shocked at the weird decision of the panchayat the father of the victim decided to approach the police.

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“We are probing the allegations made against the panchayat members and also the allegation of rape of the minor girl. Suitable action as per law would be taken against panchayat members if the allegations are found true,” The New Indian Express quoted Sanjay Kumar, a police official who is looking into the case.

This weird decision of Panchayat takes the victim blaming and moral policing to a new level. These panchayat members who issued a character certificate to the girl for validating her rape need to understand the meaning of consent, and even if the girl is of “Loose character” as per them, no one has a right to rape her! NO ONE!

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