Mumbai: A senior technician with the ground support department of the debt-ridden private carrier Jet Airways was undergoing treatment for stomach cancer and died after jumping off the terrace of his four-storey building in Nalasopara.

The incident happened on Friday afternoon and the Police suspect Shailesh Singh (52) committed suicide as he was suffering from depression. Singh was undergoing the treatment of cancer from the last three years.

As per reports, an officer with the Palghar police said, “Mr Singh was being treated at a local hospital and was brought back home around 6 a.m. on Friday. He was complaining of severe pain in the stomach at that time and around 1.30 p.m., he was found to have killed himself.”

source: ABP

Singh, who resided on the fourth floor of Sai Pooja building, was seen on the terrace parapet by the other residents before he took his life around 3:30 pm. He further fell into a drain that runs alongside railway tracks parallel to the building.

“No suicide note has been found so far. We have registered an accidental death report in connection with the incident,” Inspector Daniel Ben from Tulinj police station said.

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While many complained that Singh’s suicide was due to the fall out of the airline crisis, others said that his family was finding it difficult to manage the expenses. The airline has also not paid salaries to its 23,000 employees for March, and employees say some of them have not been paid for seven months, and some since the beginning of the year. Singh’s one of the two sons used to work with Jet Airways too and due to the recent suspension of operations, it became difficult for them to bear the financial expenses.

Speaking to The Hindustan Times, the son of 45-year-old Shailesh Singh  said, “I do not blame Jet Airways for my father’s death, but circumstances… We have no income at home, and we had to incur huge medical expenses of my father. He ended his life owing to lack of money and his cancer.”

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