Jharkhand: A woman was gang-raped by her ex-husband and two of his associates in Jamtara district of Jharkhand on Wednesday night. On the auspicious occasion of Kali puja, she went to watch a play in a theatre. Her former husband and two of his associates took her to a field in a nearby village, raped her and mercilessly inserted a stick inside her private parts.

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The next morning when the villagers heard her loud cries, they took her to Jamtara Sadar hospital where she was declared brought dead.

According to sources, the sub-divisional Police Officer B N Singh said that the woman’s husband is put behind bars and the police are on a hunt for the other two accused.

The locals who found her in the field told the police that the woman accused her former husband and two of his associates of brutally raping her.

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Sounds familiar to the Nirbhaya rape case happened in 2012? but this is even worse. The woman’s ex-husband, along with two others, treated her this way. Women’s safety is still a huge struggle for this nation. There are many precautions, advice, suggestions, warnings, whatever else you might want to call it, given to women. Not to go out late at night, not to go out alone, not to wear revealing clothes, not to sit in an indecent manner, and the list is never-ending. How about, for a change, trying to educate men about respecting and not raping women?

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