We live in a country where people consider kissing or hugging in public places as indecent while the same people fail to provide clothes to a rape victim when she lies without clothes on the road. But, what happened yesterday in a Jharkhand village broke all the taboos and stigmas attached to the public display of affection and is really a big move considering the fact that it came from a rural village.

The kissing contest was organized in Dumaria village which is around 321 km from Ranchi. More than 18 tribal couples participated in this game and showed their desire for love in front of thousands of people enjoying the show.

The idea behind the contest was to intensify the relationship between tribal couples. It was also to check growing cases of divorces and differences between couples in the tribal community. Simon Marandi, a Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) legislator executed the whole thing perfectly.

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Marandi said to HindustanTimes, “Tribals are basically innocent and illiterate. Due to which, the family system is weakening. To make them aware of our social structure and responsibility towards the family, the idea of a kissing competition was conceived.”

Earlier, the village competition was organized in a smaller space but this year it was held In a football ground where thousands of people from other villagers also took part,” Marandi also added.

Dumaria consists of around 72 families having total population 333. As per the census report of 2011, there are 169 are males and 164 are females in Dumaria with sex ratio 970 whereas Jharkhand’s average sex ratio is 948.

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Dumaria Mela, the annual fair of Dumaria is being organized since last 37 years. The two day fair has a lot of events to attract people from outside which includes tribal dance, archery, and running competitions.

Considering the taboo around PDA in our country this step taken in a rural area for a good cause, certainly sets an example for all those who harass consensual couples in the name of so called ‘Sanskaars’.

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