While the various state governments are busy felicitating our hockey team members, the struggles of future batches show why we lag behind in the game.
As per a report by The New Indian Express, the players in the Jharkhand Sports Authority -run hockey academy in Simdega used to get Rs 175 a day as a diet allowance before the pandemic arrived.
The 75 girls were sent back home in April 2020, after the pandemic hit, and since then they allege that they have not received the diet allowance of Rs 175 per day.
Deepti Kullu a player from Simdega academy said, “It is really a challenge to stay fit in this hour of crisis. I have not received my diet allowance in 17 months. My poor family cannot spare money for my diet,” she said, but added that this crisis would not break her determination.

A performance of 70 minutes certainly can’t come without the players receiving proper diets. The players need eggs, fish, milk, pulses, veggies, meat, and other protein-based diets to get the right amount of calcium and protein.
After the issue was reported, Minister of tourism, sports, and youth affairs Hafizul Hassan assured to sort out the matter soon. Now that our hockey teams have displayed a splendid performance at the Olympics, various state governments are busy showering the players with various cash rewards and certainly, they deserve it, but only if the same governments would display the same dedication in supporting our players in their initial days the medal tally would have reflected a different story.

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