Kishtawar administration denied the poor laborer, Sultan, access to an ambulance to carry his 2-YO son from a local hospital to the Jammu government hospital. When contacted the hospital, the response that the family received was that the administration could not provide an ambulance for a child diagnosed with pneumonia. The officer denied access to the ambulance saying that pneumonia will not kill the child.

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The enraged locals funded for the family to get a private ambulance to take the child to Jammu hospital. The child was later declared dead in the hospital. The same ambulance did not agree to bring the child back to his home for burial rituals. The helpless family had no other option but to wrap the child’s body in a blanket and travel 200 km back to their home in a bus.

This led to a protest against the Kishtawar administration by the villagers who witnessed the tragic incident of the laborer, whose son could have been saved if the higher officials provided facilities on time. The villagers and family members of Sultan demanded an F.I.R to be launched against the district administration who denied access to an ambulance in a critical situation.

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Mohammad Sultan’s nephew shared details of the ordeal with News 18, he said: “We spent 12 hours with a dead baby in a bid to take him home for burial.”

The pain of a helpless father losing his child in front of his eyes is unfathomable. The story wouldn’t have been the same if he was served with a simple facility of an ambulance to take his 2-year old son to the hospital on time.

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