A pregnant woman is brought to the hospital with a serious ailment. She is taken to OT immediately. She needs treatment. The child inside her needs to be saved. But meanwhile, the doctors in charge of her get into a quarrel inside OT. At the end, the woman loses her child and the whole scenario is recorded in camera.

This unfortunate incidence has taken place in Dr. SN Medical College, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. As the video went viral Rajasthan HC took the matter into hands.

A bench of Justice Gopal Krishna Vyas directed two officials of the high court legal services authority namely Dhiraj Sharma, deputy secretary and Ratan Ojha to probe the matter and file the report by 2:00 pm on Wednesday.

Watch the shameful video here :

Dr. Nainival, the surgeon has been suspended from his duties and the Hospital authority has appealed State Medical Council to take action against Dr. ML Tak, the Anaesthetist.Though not proved yet, that the spat is the reason for the baby’s death, such behavior of two doctors is being highly criticised and is actually against the ethics of their profession.

Rajasthan State Women’s Commission has decided to get involved in the mater and its chairperson, Suman Sharma has asked for an probe too. Reacting to the incident, health minister Kalicharan Saraf, told DNA: “It was an unfortunate incident that two senior doctors found indulged in verbal spat inside the OT during an operation. Inquiry has been initiated by the medical college and both the doctors are removed from the hospital. Strict action will be taken once the inquiry report comes to ensure that such incident will not repeat in future.”

We wonder how justified is it to break into verbal abuses in midst of an emergency duty, when you have two lives at stake? Let us know your views in the comment sections !

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