In a historic move, the SC on Tuesday declared Triple Talaq unconstitutional.The SC barred INSTANT triple talaq until the time the Parliament passes a law on the issue.The historic case was heard by a 5 judge bench from different faiths including Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism.The bench struck down the practice by 3:2 majority with Justice Rohinton Nariman, Kurien Joseph and UU Lalit in favor of banning it.

The issue was raised by Shayara Bano, who filed a PIL in 2016 after her 15-year marriage was abruptly ended by her husband via a telegram. Shayra was made to undergo around 6 abortions and abused physically and mentally and in the end, she got a talaq via telegram.

Instantaneous triple talaq” or Talaq-e-Biddah is not recognized as a lawful act under the Quran. Under Talaq-e-Biddah a man was allowed to divorce his wife by a mere Whatsapp message, text or phone call. It is already banned in many Muslim dominated countries including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey.


However, Talaq-e-Sunnah is allowed by the Quran and includes a Muslim man uttering “talaq” on three occasions over a course of 90 days and not in a fit of rage or anger.It is Talaq-e-Biddah or “instantaneous Talq” against which Supreme Court was hearing arguments and declared unconstitutional.

While most of the people with progressive mindsets are happy with the verdict as it is expected to be a big step towards equality for Muslim women and is expected to end their insecurities related to marriage, there were people and trolls who looked baffled with the decision.

When India Today’s journalist Ilma Hasan was interviewing the women from Aligarh Muslim University she was heckled by 15-20 goons who claimed themselves as AMU students.She was asked whether she had the permission to shoot there or not, to which Ilma responded she has spoken to the PRO of the University and that they can’t stop her from doing her job. Despite Ilma repeatedly telling them about the permission they kept hurling abuses at her. The “students” looked desperate to stop women of the university from expressing their views over the historic judgment.

Watch the video here :

This looks like a clear attempt of suppressing the voice of women. These are the same people who feel threatened when a woman speaks or stands for her rights.

We applaud Ilma for the courageous reporting and standing against the goons firmly, while we wish these people who were stopping the women from speaking are taught a proper lesson. Ilma is receiving appreciation all over the Twitter for her courageous journalism.

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