In an incident which has caused a major embarrassment to India, some senior journalists who were on a high profile tour to London along with Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee have been caught red-handed stealing silver spoons from a hotel in London.

According to an Outlook report, all the senior journalists were handpicked by their organizations to accompany the Bengal CM. However, what they did on the dinner table was completely unexpected from the flagbearers of the fourth pillar of democracy.


Allegedly the first to pick a set of dessert spoons off the table and into his pocket was a senior journalist, a reporter with a respected Bengali newspaper.Instead of condemning his behaviour other journalists also chose to follow him and started putting the silver cutlery into their bags and purses. However, all these shameful acts were being watched by the hostel security staffs on CCTV.


To avoid embarrassing the national guests which included journalists and politicians from UK and India, the security staffs initially hesitated to raise an alarm. However, when things started getting out of hand the security staffs decided to intervene and silently told the journalists that they had been watching them and knew what they were doing. To avoid any further embarrassment most of them silently took out the cutlery and put the stolen items back on the table.


However, one of the journalists challenged them to search his pockets. The reason being, he had put the stolen items in someone else’s purse. When the hotel owners threatened him to hand over to the police he finally confessed to stealing and was let off after paying a fine of 50 pounds.

Outlook quoted a Bengali journalist as saying, this particular man has a “habit of regularly pilfering cutlery and other goods from hotels during foreign tours though this is the first time he got caught.” He goes to the extent of claiming that this man “is a cheapskate who stays in economy hotels to save money but reaches the star hotel of the CM so that he could partake of the free and lavish breakfast served there.”

We hope these so-called journalists stop embarrassing our country with such cheap activities on a foreign land.

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