Recently, we had published a news about an 11 years old girl from UP who was saved from being married with the help of Child Line Foundation and girl’s school authorities. Something similar of the sort has been reported from Kalahandi district of Odisha where a 13 years old tribal girl stopped her own upcoming wedding to an alcoholic by informing about it to the administration.


According to a NewsNation report, the girl Reeta Manjhi studies in class VII of Kathaghara Kasturba Gandhi Residential School in Thuamul Rampur. Reeta wrote a letter to the district administration pleading for their help to stop her forced wedding.In her letter, Reeta wrote that she wanted to study and was not ready for marriage, said an official of the Kalahandi district.

She further wrote that her father is an alcoholic and has arranged her wedding with another drunkard of their locality during Dussehra. She wrote that even her mother was also supporting her father’s decision.

On receiving the letter from a minor on such a grave issue, the Kalahandi district collector Anjan Kumar Manik took a concern and formed a team to enquire the matter and stop the wedding.The team formed by the Kalahandi district collector included members of child protection unit and child welfare committee.The team on Monday visited the girl’s home at Turibhejugua where it recorded her statement.

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The team found the girl’s allegation true. They informed her parents that child marriage was illegal and stopped them from getting the minor married till she attains adulthood. District Child protection officer Sailendu Sekhar Mohapatra told the media, “The wedding could only be stopped because of the girl’s courageous step.”

The Indian Feed truly applauds the courage of the little girl who stood against the wrong and saved herself from the marriage and we hope the authorities will keep the family under their constant supervision so that no harm is caused to the girl.

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