Kalpana Saroj is also called the original  “Slumdog Millionaire”.
She was born to a dalit family and was subjected to inhuman treatment in her school and society.
Kalpana Saroj was married at the age of 12 and lived in a slum in Mumbai with her husband’s family.
After suffering 6 months of physical abuse at the hands of her husband’s family members,
which included brutally kicking punching,thrashing and punching she was rescued by her father.When she came back home in her society she was shamed as a married girl returning home was not acceptable to the society.
People continued taunting her and wished she was dead instead of bringing dishonor
Finally, she consumed poison.However, her aunt rescued her.
It was like a second life for her, she stopped caring about the society
She moved to Mumbai and started tailoring
Later, her father lost a job and she was the only earning member in a family of 8.
The tragedy that shook her was that her sister fell ill.She kept crying, “Didi save me. I don’t want to die.” But she could not help her.
The entrepreneurial journey began and she started a furniture business with loans along with tailoring.
She later bought a disputed land for Rs 2.5 lakhs but received a lot of death threats for 2 years
After the litigation was cleared the price changed to Rs 50 lakhs from Rs 2.5 lakhs.
Best was yet to come, In 2006, Kalpana bought a company called Kamani Tubes after the company’s workers approached her for help.
The company had been lying closed for over 17 years. 40 litigation cases had been filed against the company. A debt of 116 crores had been incurred.
Braving heavy litigation when the other failed, Kalpana Saroj nursed the sick Kamani back to health and brought it back to profit
According to her own estimates, she now has personal assets worth $112 million
Kalpana Saroj was awarded the Padma Shri for Trade and Industry in 2013 and actively participates in social works.
Kalpana’s story is rightly called “real life Slumdog millionaire”
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