Mumbai has witnessed one of the most pathetic mishaps of 2017 towards year end and it is the Kamala Mills fires. A fire that broke out at midnight is said to have claimed 14 lives as of now.

You know the death counts could have gone much above her life hundred if two heroes wouldn’t have appeared as saviours.

These are not the heroes we see performing stunts in movies nor the ones gifted with some superhuman potentials. But they’re two security guards working in the Times Network office adjacent to the building that caught fire.


Mahesh Sable (23) and Suraj Giri (21), the two security guards put their lives at stake to rescue public stuck in the building. It was Mahesh who spotted fire first at around 12:10 am and immediately called the cops. He then informed Suraj who was outside the building and climbed the pipes to reach the spot, broke open the emergency exit allowing evacuation of around 150 people.


People were running here and there and some also fell down on the floor. Some even wanted to wait for their friends and family members, but we said they would come down and that we would help them come out of the building,” said Mahesh to TOI.
“The people could not locate the exit point because the entire area was completely filled in smoke,” he further added.

Meanwhile, an alert Suraj ensured passage of people to a safe place.

It was chaotic. Some did not have shoes on, while the clothes of a few others were torn. A couple of them even fell down. I steered everyone away from the shower of debris and the fire,” Giri was quoted by Indiatimes, adding he had to even stop a few from going back to the building to rescue family and friends.

He also called fire Brigade. He had too informed firefighters about cylinders having been stored where fire debris was falling. This avoided extensive loss of life and property.

“We broke open the door and managed to take the cylinders out. If this hadn’t been done on time, all of Kamala Mills would have been destroyed and loss to life would have been colossal,” he added.

What a Gallant! Who we yet knew as the ones opening doors and passing salutes, turned out to be heroes in uniforms. After reading this, don’t you think we should be a little more respectful and polite to guards around us? Let’s know in the comments section!

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